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After a number of years travelling the world, always heading south in search of sun and adventure, I finally settled in the mountains of southern Spain where I live off grid, grow almonds, drink cold beer, and take in stray dogs. After a few years of house building, I now have a roof over my head, and the time to indulge my favorite occupation—writing stories where the stakes are huge and absolutely anything can happen.

I write about the things we all fear. The disease that will end humanity, the clandestine group intent on taking over the world at any cost, medical advances that will make us live forever or turn us all into monsters. Machines that listen to our every thought. Escalating conflicts in a world where we have weapons of mass destruction available at the press of a button…

The best way to overcome your fears? Face them. So join me while I survive plane crashes, explosions, deadly plague outbreaks, search for buried treasure, uncover secret organizations, foil plots to take over the world, and even live forever…in theory anyway.