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Disease X

Everyone knows it’s coming. No one knows what it is.

A plane carrying a Russian biochemist crashes in the Alaskan wilderness with no survivors.

A code-red alert on a buried CIA file raises whispers of a now-defunct military bioweapon: Project Snowcap.

The world’s leading CRISPR virologist, Doctor Elijah Vance, hovers on the edge of a breakthrough that will alter humanity at its most fundamental level.

And in a remote village in Mexico, an unknown disease is spreading.

Following the death of his missionary parents to an ebola outbreak when he was a young child, Eli has dedicated his life to finding a cure for all viruses. Drafted onto the WHO Fast Response Team sent to lock down a possible outbreak in Mexico, he realizes that this is the big one they’ve been waiting for. Disease X: the unknown pathogen with the potential to destroy mankind.

It’s a battle of man against virus. And we’re losing. As the deaths mount and civilization breaks down, the team must race against the clock to connect the clues and uncover patient zero. But Eli is unprepared for the shocking secrets he exposes when the truth is finally revealed.


  • “Great story. Excellent writing. Action packed. Will keep you reading till late into the night and also give you serious paranoia about catching any virus.” – Katherine Fuller
  • “An excellent medical thriller with a great storyline and realistic characters. A very well written story with lots of action and plenty of suspense. This scary thriller was very hard to put down.” – JPhillips
  • Wow, what a great read! It makes you stop and think anything is possible.” – Rissa 275
  • Wonderful book! Just when you thought you might know why this was happening, you found out you were wrong.” – Jaimee
  • “Great story. Do NOT read it if you have work to do. You won’t be able to put the book away. Good writing. Love this author. – Harpist

Book Details:

  • Publisher: Sideways Books
  • Editor: Elizabeth Pelletier, Heather Howland, and Lydia Sharp
  • Available in: ebook and print
  • ISBN: 9781640637405
  • Published: January 6, 2020
  • Price: $4.99