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The Fulcrum

Do any of us have free will? Or is it an illusion?

It’s a question FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder has battled with most of his life. And when he’s visited by an old army buddy, Zack must decide how far he is willing to go to maintain the illusion. Because his friend is the only survivor of a suspicious plane crash that killed Zack’s former unit, and now someone is trying to finish the job.

As Zack investigates the crash—and struggles to keep the lone survivor alive—he uncovers evidence that the victims were all unknowing participants in an unauthorized and sinister experiment perpetrated by a clandestine organization, the Fulcrum.

Then he’s ordered to back off.

Now he has a choice. He can follow orders, or he can attempt to save the world from a future where any free will is totally obliterated—and face the consequences.

Book Details:

  • Publisher: N.J. Croft
  • Editor: Jodie Renner
  • Available in: ebook
  • ISBN: 9781005341633
  • Published:  2021
  • Price: $0.99